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Posted  May 1, 2018

It's time for a Exhibit. The Art Exhibit will be in September for three fast days.


                              This is the poster to be used to advertise the exhibition.   

A complete list of the paintings in this Exibition are listed on this website under The Exhibit Paintings . The Exhibit covers a wide range of time, as it is not unusual for my paintings to take long periods to complete. Most of the paintings in this Exhibition were painted in San Francisco. I go to the City from my home and studio in Alameda often to paint, to sketch, and to look for interesting artistic locations. Other locations in the Exhibit include Oakland, Alameda, and along Highway 1. The 28 foot painting of the sand dunes at Asilomar is one of  those paintings that took years to complete. This painting comes in 7 parts, each part is 4 foot long. The other location that has always fascinated me is Yosemite. As a Plein Air painter I enjoy going back to forest and mountains of Yosemite to paint.


My wife and I in Yosemite. This Exhibit  would not be possible without Betty. She is a great help on many occasions, including photography.

Robert Ruark



Posted November 9, 2016

The website was changed to include more San Francisco paintings. The Paris drawings were removed.


It's time for a change on this website.

The watercolors and drawings from Paris are new to my website.  The museums in Paris are terrific. I always had my sketchbook with me. I also included in my website paintings from Yosemite and San Francisco.

(Posted 3/11/16)


On August 1, 2015

 It is time to change the Web Site. On August 1, 2015 the Web Site changes will be made. The number of paintings and drawings will increase on the Site. I  will include the following:

Yosemite  Paintings and drawings done in Yosemite and why I perfer to sketch using watercolor sketchbooks for almost all my drawings.

San Francisco  Show old and new paintings.

Around the Bay Area Show works from the 70's to current. 

'78 Jack London Village Exhibit Show a second group of paintings from this show. The first group was shown starting on 3/15/15. There were about 60 paintings in this show.

Current Works Under Way Show paintings being worked on now, but not finished.

Changes will be made On August 1, 2015 

(Posted 6/1/15)


The Jack London Village Show plus The San Francisco Exhibit 

It is time for another change in this website. The changes are being  worked on now. 

In 1978 I had a painting show at the Jack London Village Exhibit Hall in Oakland, Ca. (Jack London Village Exhibit Hall no longer exists.) The Show had over 60 paintings in it. The hall was a beautiful place to exhibit.

To celebrate this exhibit I will show paintings from the Jack London Village Show plus some of the paintings from The San Francisco Web Exhibit.  Due to the number of paintings in the Jack London Village Show I will limit the number of paintings I will exhibit at one time. I will exhibit about 1/3 of those paintings at one time. I will also show fewer of the paintings in the San Francisco Exhibit. Note that the catalogue numbers that start with an "X" were in the Jack London Village Show. This change in the website will be made by 3/15/15. (Posted 2/1/15)


         Photos from the 1978 exhibit at Jack London Village Exhibit Hall in Oakland, CA.


The San Francisco Exibit  I have tried to have at least 2 or more paintings going on at the same time in San Francisco. The City offers a variety of beautiful locations for artist to set up their easels. The works in this latest Web offering will give you a idea of my direction in painting in the last few years. (Posted 8/15/14)

It is time to show some of my latest work. On 8/15/14, I will put 21 paintings on this web site. All 21 paintings will have been painted in San Francisco. Some of the locations will be very recognizable; others will be harder for you to place in the City. (Posted 7/1/14)


The Yosemite Exhibit  I am pleased to present the Yosemite paintings at this time. The work extends over many years with many style differences. In some cases up to 4 or 6 weeks will be needed for me to construct a frame after a painting is ordered. When ordering one of the drawings a professional framer will frame the drawing after the work is ordered. (Posted 4/15/14)

As of April 15, 2014 all paintings on this site will change. All paintings displayed will be from Yosemite. The site will also include 7 drawings from Yosemite. (Posted 3/5/14) 

From time to time I will add and subtract paintings from this Web Site. Please ask about a painting you have seen but is no longer listed.