Yosemite Valley #I & #II 


Yosemite Valley #I & #II

Medium Oil on Linen Canvas

Catalogue Number #3A-5A & #3A-5B

Copyrighted Yes

Size  #I or #II separately- 63 3/4h X 48w” or together #I and #II - 63 3/4h X 96w”

Price $15,000.00, Includes a Strip Frame.

Information An early drawing at this location was made in 1980, the painting was completed in 2011. Over the years this painting was worked on in all seasons. Although the painting is large for an easel painting the two canvases were put on large studio easels on location. When this painting was made I had a large van to hold the painting and easels plus a paint box.

DSC_1160 - Version 2