Palace of Fine Arts

DSC_0069 - Version 2

Palace of Fine Arts

Medium Oil on Linen Canvas

Catalogue Number #5-8

Copyrighted Yes

Size 30h X 144 5/8w”

Price $15,000, Includes Framing.

Information A Full size drawing was made at the site before starting the painting. To make the drawing on site I made the stretcher from 2" X 4" lumber, then covered the 2 X 4’s with ply wood. My stretcher was the exact size as the paper I was using, which a good drawing surface. After the drawing was completed I used the same stretcher to paint on by putting 1/2” round molding around the perimeter of the stretcher. I stretched the canvas, then prepared the canvas for painting.

Most of  the painting was worked on in the 80’s at the site in San Francisco. Many details of the building were done after a cleaning in 2015 in the studio.  

A heavy glaze(with paint) was put on the interior of the rotunda. A lighter glaze was used for the rest of the painting (September & October 2015).  


After years in storage i started working on details.

DSC_1155 - Version 2

                                                               Working on the oriiginal Drawing. I still have this full size Drawing.