Oakland City Center

Oakland City Center

Medium Oil on Linen Canvas

Catalogue Number #2-2

Copyrighted Yes

Size 48h X 41w”

Price $15,000.00, Includes a Roundover Frame.

Information I made drawings in this area in 2001, the painting was completed in 2003.I spent a lot time sketching and deciding on the composition for this painting. I had to get permission from the Shorenstein Corp. to paint here. I also had to get permission from the artist, Ms. Mazzilli (who lives in New York) who did the colorful metal sculpture in the middle of my painting. It was worth the trouble to paint in this location. I enjoyed the experience. The person in the orange jacket in the painting is my wife, my model.

DSC_1139 - Version 2

                                                                                                    The painter at work.