About Robert

Robert is an accomplished artist and has been painting for about 50 years. He studied painting at the University of Louisville from 1963 to 1967.  Robert moved to Alameda, California with his family in the 60’s.  Robert’s teaching was a distinguished career with awards and positions including the President of the California Art Education Association of California. Robert’s passion for art has led him to seek excellence in his work.  He has sought to expand his art through study in his private library and through his outdoor studies.  Some of his favorite artists include: Monet, Leonardo and Delacroix.

Robert has always secured the highest grade oils and has used a high grade of linen in his paintings. He has taken pride in building his own stretchers, sizing his linen and to a large extent making his own frames for his paintings.

In the last few years most of his paintings are quite large, especially for plein air paintings.  The earlier paintings were more outdoor sketches and indoor paintings.

Robert tends to go back to the same location time after time to produce a painting.  Sometimes as many as 20 occasions to finish a painting. Some paintings evolve over long periods of time.